This well-made cottage is built in year 1996. It has surface area of 43m^2 and is located in Nummi-Pusula, in a cottage-village called Heinäistenranta.

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Cottage is rented on weekly basis and normal change-day is friday. Arrival at 16:00(EET) and departure at 12:00(EET).

Rent for a week is from 250 to 400 euros, depending on date. Check the cost from the owner.

Longer time and/or special dates with a separate agreement.

More information and reservations:
or GSM +358405032191


Karkkila 20 km
Lohja 46 km
Helsinki 84 km
Helsinki Airport 90 km
Turku 124 km

There are three sleeping places, in bedroom there's a 120cm wide bed, in livingroom is a couch which can be opened and there's also a 80cm wide bed just outside bathroom, in the alcove.
Cottage has one bedroom, livingroom, hutkitchen and sauna.
Upon entering, livingroom and hutkitchen opens on the left and the bedroom is on right.
Kitchen has all the normal modern conveniences, electric stove, microwave oven, fridge with a small freezer, and a sewer. Running water comes to the bathroom.
In the bedroom theres a new 120cm wide bed and some own privacy.
Cottage has a small electric-sauna for two, if you don't want to use the sauna by the lake. There are two saunas and they're in use with all the cottages in the village and must be reserved beforehand. Closer one is next to Heinäistenjärvi, 400 metres from the cottage and the anotherone is next to Kivijärvi, about one kilometer from the cottage. The rent includes two hours of daily bookings to one of these to shared saunas, extra hours cost 4 euros / hour.
Next to the door to bathroom/sauna, there's a 80cm wide bed in the alcove.
Terrace of the cottage and behind is the nearest neighbours cottage. Nowadays there's also an electric grill which is free to use, just clean it up afterwards.
Outside is a outhouse-toilet and inside is a small-capacity biological toilet.